Sipping Spirits

When diagnosed with coeliac disease I thought I was going to food and drink purgatory.  Instead, it’s forced me to be creative in my cooking, like grinding my own spices for Indian food, and to be inquisitive about new products.Martini

I’ve always preferred wine and spirits to mixed drinks.  I spotted Tito’s Handmade Vodka at the LCBO in Clarkson Crossing Mississauga when looking for gluten free vodka.  Since Tito makes a 375 ml bottle for around $20, I didn’t feel like I was wasting it if I didn’t like it.

Yahtzee!  I LOVE it.  Made from corn in Austin, Texas, Tito had me exactly in mind when developing this fine product.  A lady who likes a sipping spirits.

Plus Tito is a dog person and supports a charitable foundation for rescue.  He reminds me of John Sleeman with his entrepreneurial spirit [get it] and love of life.

The label instructed me to toss the bottle into the freezer and shake *once* before pouring.  I did and double yahtzee, this vodka is honey smooth and layered with flavour.

Tito’s site has lots of mixed recipes, but I wouldn’t date spoil this by goo-gahing it all up.  My husband, whose been a Grey Goose fan for years, agreed and said maybe a Dirty Martini at best.  I would drink it room temperature straight up in a whiskey glass, or as pictured from the freezer in a small* martini glass with olives.

Oh yes, and the LCBO has it in stock and on special right now.  Giddy-up!

*the coloured glasses pictured are 1940 vintage, passed from my grandmother to my mother to me.  They are 3.5″ in diameter, not one of those crazy boat size Bellini glasses.

What the Heart Wants

The heart wants what the heart wants and I wanted you so badly.

In your face I saw my future unfold.

All things fall away when you are safe.

You are not a friend, nor a lover

two things that gravity pulls to me.

You are a teacher of life’s

joy and pain.

Never mine, always yours

as my mother taught me.

Time does pass and I will go.

Know that you are loved , son of my heart.

Teen Crushes and the Undiscovered Gyrl


Cover Art by Ellie Manos Source: Soundcloud

I met up with a friend last night for drinks and learned that her daughter is now producing films in, where else, L.A.  One of the things I am looking forward to upon the release of her film, Undiscovered Gyrl, is the original music on it from several young female musicians.  Maybe the writer-director, Allison Burnett, couldn’t afford to pay for the rights of songs from established bands, but in any case he held a contest.  This brilliant idea led to the introduction of new talent including Niki Black.  Her song, Until You’re Mine, struck me immediately of a time when as a 15 year old I suffered relentlessly from a crush on a boy who did not return my affections.

He was not the first crush I had, nor the last as I was a bit boy crazy.  Out of curiosity I looked up this same boy at age 21 and *shudder* after meeting him briefly was very happy that I had let that crush go.

Do you have a favourite crush song or movie?

The Beauty of Abandonment

Feelings of abandonment, and fear of abandonment, run deep for many people. Here’s one writer’s look at the beauty of …

Aware of Awareness


I spoke with my father today, for perhaps four and a half minutes. After a bit of courteous small talk that revolved around the weather and summer plans, he rushed to get off the phone.  I’m not sure why.  I didn’t ask.  Perhaps he had company, an appointment or something pressing on his mind.  He might have been in physical pain.  As a survivor of a traumatic accident, my father has multiple health challenges.  Walking is profoundly difficult. Even sitting isn’t easy for him.

I’m not sure what reason he had for getting off the phone so quickly, but I can’t say I was surprised.  Our last call – about six months ago – was similarly brief.  I felt so many things in those four and a half minutes. Concern about his health. Happiness at hearing the warm, deep tones of his southern drawl.  Guilt over waiting so long to call…

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My other Hat[s]

Is it weird to re-post yourself?  I’m going for it anyway and ask you to visit my essay blog for my business FeeFiFoFun Costumes

and my house construction blog Black Oaks, the Quiet House

I really have neglected them both, but the work continues even though the journal writing about it is rather spotty.

Hopefully between costuming, home building and short stories, you’ll find something either helpful, funny or interesting.

It’s still Cool … so let’s make Soup

I’ve seen some good ole Canadian guys and gals pushing the shorts and sandals, which is a bit silly since this is the coldest spring I’ve felt for a long time in Ontario.  Rather than trying to bait Mother Nature into warming up before she’s ready, I’m opting to make a nice spicy soup like Thai or Mexican to keep me warm.

Shop with Robin should change her blog’s name to either Shoes with Robin or Soup with Robin as  she’s a self professed addict of both.   Last week she turned me onto this Tortilla Soup recipe.

Mwuah Robin!