Sipping Spirits

When diagnosed with coeliac disease I thought I was going to food and drink purgatory.  Instead, it’s forced me to be creative in my cooking, like grinding my own spices for Indian food, and to be inquisitive about new products.Martini

I’ve always preferred wine and spirits to mixed drinks.  I spotted Tito’s Handmade Vodka at the LCBO in Clarkson Crossing Mississauga when looking for gluten free vodka.  Since Tito makes a 375 ml bottle for around $20, I didn’t feel like I was wasting it if I didn’t like it.

Yahtzee!  I LOVE it.  Made from corn in Austin, Texas, Tito had me exactly in mind when developing this fine product.  A lady who likes a sipping spirits.

Plus Tito is a dog person and supports a charitable foundation for rescue.  He reminds me of John Sleeman with his entrepreneurial spirit [get it] and love of life.

The label instructed me to toss the bottle into the freezer and shake *once* before pouring.  I did and double yahtzee, this vodka is honey smooth and layered with flavour.

Tito’s site has lots of mixed recipes, but I wouldn’t date spoil this by goo-gahing it all up.  My husband, whose been a Grey Goose fan for years, agreed and said maybe a Dirty Martini at best.  I would drink it room temperature straight up in a whiskey glass, or as pictured from the freezer in a small* martini glass with olives.

Oh yes, and the LCBO has it in stock and on special right now.  Giddy-up!

*the coloured glasses pictured are 1940 vintage, passed from my grandmother to my mother to me.  They are 3.5″ in diameter, not one of those crazy boat size Bellini glasses.

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