Growing Moss in your Stone Path

Last year we re-installed granite stones in a path that will connect the front porch walkway to the side porch steps leading to the dining room. I can’t show you all that because it’s not built yet, but I can boast about the two methods which successfully worked to grow moss between the granite stones.

Luckily this neighbourhood already boasts a lot of moss. My neighbour was gracious enough to let me remove moss from their patio stones surrounding their pond. Using an egg lifter I removed enough to fill a large stainless steel bowl.


Although the stones are setting into lime screening, I swept in just enough triple mix to give the moss something to cling to [or so I thought].

Method One – Shred pieces of moss into buttermilk and manure. Mix and press between stones – keep damp, but not wet until settled.

Method Two – Cut moss into pieces approximately the size of the gap between the stones. Press in. Keep damp, but not wet until settled..

After the long hard winter last year everyone’s gardens suffered, but my moss was surprisingly resilient. There was, however, no difference in the growth or quality of mosses between Method One or Two, but  neither had rooted.

It turns out mosses don’t have true roots, that’s why it was so easy for me to remove it from my neighbour’s stone.   It also means using a less invasive method for cleaning like a corn broom, instead of a leaf blower, to remove surface debris such as pine needles from the walkway.  Otherwise the moss just tears away.

People always comment about our lovely cottage renovation including the old stone path.  They don’t realize that it’s a new home build.  I love that!

We realized yesterday that the granite pathway is too close to the house and will have to be moved.  Luckily I know two good methods for replanting the moss.


How To Run a Book Club

I love my book club, aka Chardonnay Club [my husband’s phrase] even though it takes me 30 minutes each way. I am jealous that the other 11 gals mostly get to walk, skip or stagger home at the end of the session.
The stagger is not necessarily from the wine, but also that a number of gals are burning the midnight candle.

We are a frolicking, intelligent, eclectic group that put a high value on books that stimulate our brains and conversation, although not always at the same time.

Choosing the book line-up begins at the end of the season with each member putting forward their choices and why. The list is emailed so you have time to pick your favourites. The year-end social *before* wine is the time we discuss, debate and chose. Attention is paid to genre so that we don’t end up with all fiction or all biography. A double header or the longest book is slated for the summer and each person picks a date to host and a date to present.

Some presentations occur in tandem with two members. The host is responsible for the food, but the year end is pot luck. We meet on a Monday of each month excluding the summer and school holidays, but with our children all grown even that has changed.

Yes we do have a moderator and yes sometimes the cacophony is unbelievable, like Guns’N Roses loud. Would you have it any other way, I think not.

Here is our line-up for September to May and I’m already enjoying Life After Life.

• Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
• Love, Dishonour, Marry, etc. by David Rakoff
• The Fever by Mary Beth Keane
• Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
• A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
• The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham
• The Death Class by Erika Kayasaki
• All Our Names by Dinaw Mengestu
• A House in the Sky by Amanda Kindhout & Sara Corbett

You are welcome.