Making Great Stock

I had occasion, having prepared for and undergone an endoscopy last week, to thaw and drink some homemade chicken stock.  I was so grateful that I had taken the time to make it because the ingredients were full of ingredients that are healthy and yummy.  The jury may be out on whether chicken soup actually has healing properties, but I think most people will attest that hot chicken soup is good for the soul.

Soups always start out with a solid foundation of stock and here is my simple recipe for chicken stock.  Don’t toss that carcass, even the store bought hot chickens have some upcycle value.  Take off all the fat and skin and cover it with water in a roaster.  Add bay leaves, chopped celery and carrots and black peppercorns.  Skim the scum in the first couple of minutes for clear stock.  Continue to simmer until the fluid volume is one-half to one-third.  Cool, strain and freeze.

Colorectal, Stomach and Esophageal cancer runs in our family.  Screening is the best way to stop colorectal cancer in its tracks.  According to Cancer Care Ontario, If it is caught in its earliest stages there is a 90% chance that you can be cured of this cancer.  Early detection also avoids more invasive forms of surgery, like the removal of portions of the colon.

Sources: Cancer Care Ontario & Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Quality-Based Procedures:  Clinical Handbook for GI Endoscopy, March 13, 2013 [Updated September 2013]

Chicken Soup Really Is Good for a Cold, By Melissa Schorr,, Read: November 30, 2014