In Praise of Cast Iron Pans


I’d been on the prowl for a 10″ mineral pan in which my husband swore he could cook killer breakfasts, specifically eggs over easy. With Christmas coming, I ventured into Williams-Sonoma and left with a 10″ Komin cast iron skillet.  Dear husband Rick has mentioned several times that he’s going to season the pan, but as he muds the new shower I am left eyeing a small lamb roast and the unseasoned Komin skillet.

While the pan, rubbed lovingly with sunflower oil, bakes alone in our Lacanche oven at 450 degrees I distract myself with wine and google about Komin and cast iron.  I learn that cast iron is 50% better conductor of heat up or down than other materials, adds iron to your food, takes on a seasoned patina that if cared for works better than non-stick.

Best of all the Komin 10″ skillet pan is incredibly light weight, so that if a intruder arrives I can bean him with the skillet or cook him dinner.

I read, however, from a member on Chowhood that this product actually has a silicone coating and I am confused about how to cook and care for it.  Is it cast iron or non-stick? Rather than endlessly search the internet, I am opening a bottle of wine and using the pan tonight to cook a lamb roast.  It’s recipe and results may follow.