Halloween Cocktail Presentation – Dos and Don’ts

I don’t think I need to tell you how to make a cocktail, but I did spend some time looking for ways to present them at the Halloween table.  I do think it’s fun to make one special cocktail and/or mocktail as guests come in the door ~ after that they are on their own.

My favourite drink growing up was when our Grammie simmered Choke Cherries with sugar.  She’d strain off the juice into ice cube trays.  Once frozen, she popped three in a glass and topped up with 7-Up.  We called it Cherry Up and it was awesome.  Here I used Organic Sour Cherry juice, but it was nothing like the exciting drink I had as a kid.   I added a striped paper straw [from Dollarama] to liven things up, but I think adults might be disappointed so leave it for the kids as a Halloween novelty.

photo 1

Here is a presentation for a “sweet” vodka cocktail with the glass rimmed in black sugar and decorated with a mini bone* from Michaels.  However, the trial proved that the black sugar has a dark green base which dissolves upon contact.  Unless you want your guests mouth and teeth looking like Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean, I’d leave it off.

photo 4

I love the cross bones ice cube below of Sour Cherry juice for a small party.  Don’t bother with the skull as it quickly dissolves into a lump.  The cross bones are very fussy to pop out and the cocktail must be given to the guest immediately, but the shape is unmistakable and I love the way the juice bleeds slowly into the drink.

photo 5

I think my favourite for the black and red series is the simple gummie eyeballs for sweet cocktail and a peeled onion for savory one.  I’m crushed that the black sugar was a bust, it looked so cool on the glass.

photo 3

*with adults this size bone should not present a choking hazard, but I boiled my first