Has Technology made Picture Taking any Better?

Part One – The Evolution of Family Photography

How we took pictures Anciently:  Tried not to burn ourselves getting a piece of charcoal out of the fire.  Sketched on a rock.  Left the picture unfinished because we were chased by a bear.

CameraManHow we took pictures Antiquely:   Paid a photographer.  Posed in a bone corset or starched shirt holding your pose long enough for the image to be recorded.  Inhaled toxic chemicals.  Put the picture in a frame on the mantle until it gathered dust and ended up in an antique store.

How we took pictures Old School:  Shot a roll or two of film.  Mailed it away and waited weeks.  Then we shuffled through the prints, mostly blurry and put them in an album or more likely in a shoe box.  Took them out every two years to laugh at our bad hair.  Found our pictures 30 years later on a greeting card.

How we take pictures Today:  Take 20-50 shots.  Have the subject “approve” them.  Forget to delete the bad ones.  Spend 10 hours learning Photoshop.  Spend hours every month uploading them on icloud.  Try to make room for new ones, but give up.  Shake our heads that we still don’t like the way we look.