Cleaning your Komini Cast-Iron Pan



1.  Season your pan before you use it [see my previous posts].

2.  Don’t let your cast-iron pan sit in water, ever.

3.  After cooking, let the pan cool just enough for handling then wipe out with a cloth or paper towel.

4.  If there are still bits sticking, use a non abrasive scrubber with a little hot water.

5.  Wipe dry.

6.  Re-oil using a tiny amount of any food grade oil.

Tip:  I like Spaghetti Scrubbers, but my sister mails them from San Francisco and I’m not sure she’ll do that for you 🙂

Tip:  Unlike Teflon or Enamel Coated surfaces, Cast Iron is naturally bumpy.  Get to know the difference between food and the natural surface.