Scallops Komini Style

There appears to be, like myself, a number of Komini pan fans lurking about.  Here is a quick video of my husband Rick using our 10″ cast iron pan to sear sea scallops.  The scallops were served with a risotto made with my homemade lobster stock and we had a simple salad of spring greens after.  I don’t eat scallops or shrimp too often, their populations seem to be so fragile and like with much that I eat, I want to shop local at least the USA or Mexico, but Thailand and China?  If I don’t know the companies practices for farming, harvesting or staffing, it’s hard for me to pony up.  I’d rather go without.

When we do buy, cook and eat scallops or shrimp, it is a wonderful thing.   The grave aside, Rick is sauteing the scallops in butter on high heat of the smallest burner of our very sexy Lacanche stove and using the tongs to feel if they are cooked through and hot.  As I said, I cannot BBQ so I do not get how they are cooked, just that I appreciate that he does it well.

2 thoughts on “Scallops Komini Style

    • I’m sure you departed the train by now! I’m listening to the owls outside the house and working on a recipe with Criollo Chocolate Sea Salted Caramel liquor for Rock Cornish Hens and for Atlantic Salmon. Experimentation is so much fun *uncorks wine* Cheers!

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