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Like Bill Buford’s memoir, Heat, where he left a choice job at The New Yorker to scrub for prestigious chef Mario Batali at NYC’s Babbo then apprenticed in Italy learning pasta-making and butchery, Kate takes every opportunity for full immersion. Why buy your meat off a piece of Styrofoam when you can make your own food? Find out here.

Maison Bentley Style


After the long summer break, it’s the much anticipated start of Creative Coffee (click for details) this morning – chutneys and oat cakes today, but above are pictures from a previous session of sausage making rather than a demonstration of what happens to unfortunate attendees..


We made them right through from mincing the meat, adding bread crumbs and spices (for three different kinds of sausage no less) to the requisite comedy moment, complete with lubricating oil..


There was much tittering!


A plate of very special bangers!

It’s hard to explain, but when I go to Creative Coffee – which essentially means making something from scratch that would be easier to buy in a shop – I realise what a privileged life I lead..

Laters, Kate x

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