Healthy Savory Fish Tacos

I’m terrible at reading and writing recipes, which is probably why I cannot bake or, as a matter of fact, doing anything with flour ~ except paper maché.  I’ll cook an entire turkey dinner and get my sister Alex to make the gravy.

This is a recipe for people who like to wing it.   *Spoiler Alert:  It’s messy to eat*  It will serve approximately a family of three and is perfect for your vegetarians friends who are also gluten* free.  If you want to extend the rations, serve sides like dirty rice or black bean dishes, nacho chips, sliced avocado or guacamole.

Healthy Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos on Lettuce with rice and sliced avocado.

Trio of Peppers – yellow, orange and red and one medium Sweet or Vidalia onion – chop and saute in oil, first with the onions and then the peppers then shredded white or red cabbage.  I like my veggies a little firmer, but Rick likes them very tender, so how far you saute them is up to you. Generous dose of chili flakes, a touch of ground cumin and salt, add juice of one half lime.

We have a friend, born in Jamaica, who works at a local spice company and who grows his own hot peppers.  He only metes them out one at a time, so we save them for delicate fish dishes that require not just heat, but flavour.  I add just a minced sliver and it is enough.


Peppers, Onions and Cabbage

Cod Fillets – one medium tail fillet per person, sprinkle with ground chili powder, add whole fillet to oiled pan or butter if it suits you and cook till tender and hot.


Fish Fillets


My husband snuck in butter, bad boy.

Pan frying in butter on high heat on a gas stove carcinogens are no different than those from the BBQ, but baking or poaching your fish may be just as satisfactory for this dish and is healthier.  You know yourself and your body, right?  

Wash and dry romaine lettuce leaves, two for the light eaters, four for the hockey players.

This casual dinner is best served right from the stove.  Each diner can use the egg lifter to chop the amount of fish for each taco and put onto each lettuce rib, top with veggies.  It’s always fun to put out a selection of hot sauces and salsa because some people just want to sweat.

Serve with accompaniments, for me a glass of organic Bonterra Chardonnay and for Rick, a cold German Bitberger or Grolsh.

*I have celiac and grind most of my own spices including chili powder.  Some people are really sensitive to gluten, so let them know if you are using store bought ground spices and I am sure they will understand and act accordingly.

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