Chocolate … ‘nuf said.

It’s no news that chocolate makes you happy and dark chocolate savored slowly after a meal can actually help you maintain a healthy body weight, but what constitutes “good” chocolate?  My palate has definitely changed over time.  I remember Easter chocolate as a child, followed by candy bars after high school that had better chocolate than they do today.  I remember my mother’s love of digging into that box of Quality Street.  I remember tasting wine with Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut and naming my dog after him, so much did I loVe his champagne truffles.  It’s been years since I found a new fix of this dark beauty.

For me it’s now the darkest chocolate that softens in my mouth just at the right time.  Not too quickly because I’ll just reach for another piece.  Not to slowly, because I’ll get impatient and bite it … and again, I’ll reach for another piece.

For the first time, at my local grocer Battaglia’s, I bought a four dollar bar of Donini Chocolate and for a change I got the Dark Couverture Chocolate with Cranberries.  While I understand couverture is chocolate made with extra cocoa butter to give a high gloss and used for covering sweets and cakes, I wanted it for after dinner.

I was not disappointed.  The lovely snap of breaking off the piece, the tiniest slap of cranberry contrasted by a slow mellow melt of sweet and smoky yummy-ness.

If you love chocolate and to shop local, Belleville, Ontario’s Donini Chocolate is waiting for you.


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