Komin Skillet Pan Follow-up

It’s been several months since I bought my Komin pan and with some attention, it’s seasoning up nicely.  It’s not finished and I have to remind my family to wipe the food out immediately after it cools, NOT use soap or NOT to have leave it in the sink with water and to follow cleaning with a oil rub.  It is iron and it will rust.

I’m not saying clean a seasoned cast iron pan is now a snap.  Any cleaning at all is work, but with a well-maintained pan and my corn scrubber provides a pan that makes yummy food, not a pan that saves me five minutes of domestic labour.

This Komin skillet is wonderfully light which is perfect because my arms are like chicken wings, but it’s only 10″.  Because I don’t want to overcrowd the meat, which would steam rather than sear, I use it for no more than two tenderloins.  I get the pan hot before I add the oil, and make sure the oil is hot, but not smoking.  The non-sticking trick I learned is temperature and browning.  If you pull the meat off before it’s fully browned, it sticks.

The skillet is perfect for a Bourguignonese kind of dish.  After the meat is cooked, remove it to a plate and caramalize veggies like chopped onion, carrots and mushrooms with wine, herbs, stock, thickener to make a sauce.  The liquid, with all the scraped up brown bits, is the goal for a yummy sauce.

I also made an amazing bacon, kale, quinoa dish that I learned from Hot Pink Apron to serve with a steak and egg dish.  Her husband’s favorite.

My only sadness is that that pan doesn’t come in a 12″ 😦

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