A Tea Party with Grammie

When my granddaughter was born, I rubbed my hands with glee for all the make-believe fun we would have with the display props I bought for my costume store Fee Fi Fo Fun.  Things like a pink enameled metal tea set from Pottery Barn and a toadstool chair.

TeaPartyLast weekend my granddaughter and I had our first tea party.  As a former special events planner, I had to rein myself in from buying sugar cubes with frosting, petite fours and a lace tablecloth.  I mean, she’s three.

I did put sugar, milk and tea in the containers, but only 1/3rd full to help her have the experience of pouring herself.  She didn’t like the tea, so I substituted cranberry juice.

I also put out my own teapot and china cup.  Lunch and play in one as we served sandwiches with the crusts cut off and mini cupcakes.

It was divine.

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