What does the future hold for Dog Paddling? We need your help!

I don’t need another business, but if I did this one comes close to one I’d consider.

Tails of The Howell Family

It was in early May 2001, at 9 months of age,  that Jessie went on her first canoe trip. The ice had just finished breaking up on the Lower Madawaska River, and Eren and Kevin brought Jessie along for the 4 day trip “hoping it would go well”.

Jessie's first adventure in 2001! Jessie’s first adventure in 2001!

After paddling and guiding for several years through many of Ontario’s classic wilderness areas, bringing along a dog was a new experience that brought it own challenges and rich rewards. Since then Dog Paddling Adventures has guided, hiked with, paddled alongside and skijored together with hundreds, even thousands of dogs and their humans through some of the most scenic wilderness areas that Ontario has to offer.

Our first canoe trip with Jessie Our first canoe trip with Jessie

It is hard to put together just the right words to describe the feelings that we have when we try to describe our love for…

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