“I don’t wash dishes”…REALLY???

My mother said it is hard to let our ego go. She said, our fear of being taken advantage of is very strong. Alison, my mother said, if you give, anywhere anytime anything, give without attachment to the outcome … or don’t give at all.

Culture Monk

another perspective

By Kenneth Justice

~Yesterday at coffee I was discussing one of my recent articles about homelessness with a friend of mine when a guy sitting next to us interjected, “can I tell the two of you about an encounter I had with a homeless guy recently?” and of course we said yes.

Here is what the man told us,

I’m the owner of a Greek restaurant down the street and every morning I sit and have breakfast in the corner of the main floor with my family and a few of our friends. A few mornings ago one of the servers came over to our table and said there was a guy asking to speak to the manager or owner and I told her to bring him over to my table. The guy was in his mid-twenties and dressed pretty rough; it looked like he’d been sleeping…

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