Spicy Savoury and Sweet Thai Taco Recipe

Spicy Savory & Sweet

Spicy Savory & SweetPC Memories of Thailand and lots of Garlic and Onions

We were out of the requisite sweet plum sauce to balance the spicy chili flakes, so I reached instead for PC’s Memories of Thailand. Bazinga! Even my 24 year old son went nuts for new twist of flavours.

PC Memories of Thailand and lots of Garlic and Onions

Saute well one sweet yellow onion in sunflower oil.
Add copious amounts of pressed garlic and chopped red and yellow peppers.
Add 2 t chili powder, 1 t paprika, 1/2 t cumin, 1/2 oregano and a touch of cayenne and salt. Stir till fragrant and peppers are just start to soften.
Reserve veggies to the side.
Add more oil and bite sized pieces of chicken.
Just when the pink is gone, coat the meat in PC marinade.
Add back the reserved veggies and just enough chicken stock to moisten.
Serve with fresh guacamole and hot sauce in a large tortilla wrap, or in my case, a lettuce leaf!

Options: You can substitute chicken with a white fish or without any meat at all. Serve with a rice and black beans or refried beans.

Gluten Alert: Because I have cœliac disease, I usually make my own sauces and spice mixtures.  This marinade does list modified corn starch in the ingredients, but I had no problems tolerating it.

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