French Onion Soup


Cold days put me in the mood to make savory soups. I’m not sure that onion soups are healthy, but they are simple and delicious and the idea of it somehow just makes me feel better. Onion soups are flexible too because if you are Vegan, Vegetarian or observing au Maigre, meat stock is easily substituted with veggie stock.

This weekend, I took from freezer to thaw several bags of homemade meat stock totaling about six cups. I thinly sliced one large Sweet onion and browned, almost burnt, it in three tablespoons of butter. I’ve always loved the flavour of mushrooms and added a small handful. I added the stock and lots of pepper to simmer on low for about one half hour.

My cupboard was bare of sherry and cognac, so finished the soup by adding a dash of Graham’s Tawny Port. I ladled a portion in small oven proof bowls and with a crisp slice of French bread topped it with a generous portion of mixed grated Parmesan and Gruyére cheeses.

A broiler tends to overcook, so 275 degrees for about five minutes in our Lacanche oven did the trick nicely.

I find this soup satisfying to eat on its own, but many would add a side salad or use the soup as a first course.

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